Valley Crest Builders was established in 1972. For over 40 years Valley Crest Builders has provided quality construction in Carroll and Frederick counties in Maryland as well as York and Adams counties of Pennsylvania. Valley Crest Builders has completed projects in Fredonia-Dunkirk, New York to as far south as Lake Anna near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Although we specialize in custom built homes and residential renovations, we are also  well-versed in the commercial field when it comes to office renovations and modifications.

“A job worth doing is worth doing right.”

We at Valley Crest Builders pride ourselves in completing any project as per the quality of materials and workmanship that we would expect for ourselves. We subcontract very little work out as to keep a better hand on quality.  We believe that quality will always trump quantity in any and every construction project.   It’s always more cost effective to complete the project right the first time.

For 40 years Valley Crest Builders has been known as a quality contractor with the majority of our work leads being generated from the word of mouth of previous customers and or acquaintances. We pride ourselves in being capable of listening to our customers wants and desires and then designing their project as per their needs and hopefully within their budget.  Our projects are designed to radiate upon completion balance, complementary color schemes, and ultimately pride in the final product that has been produced.  We surround ourselves with quality materials as well as quality sub contractors to produce a quality product.

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